Master in de beeldende kunsten, vrije kunsten schilderkunst.

Kristof Van Heeschvelde (Belgium, 1979) tells quirky and unique stories using his fine technical skills. But what sometimes looks playful at first glance also demands a second look. Revealing the multiple, layered meanings that embed his works within a rich tradition of painting and a socio- political context. With technical skill that exceeds pure aesthetics to flirt with statements, his approach is both visual and conceptual.

(MDD 2015 – Text used for benefit-auction)

MORE INFO –> www.berserk.be

Berserk / Art Agent
Anouk Focquier


Personal contact:


Lange Kruisstraat
12D 9000 Gent
0499 69 44 79
Kristof.vh(at) telenet.be